Do you ask for Visitor Feedback about your website?

Mouseflow feedbackWould you answer this Feedback question?

If you could get your website visitors to complete a short survey to give you some feedback about your website, would you want them to?

I think this is an excellent way of getting an important question answered.

After all if a visitor leaves your website without ever interacting with you, what is the value in that?

We work with software that records visitor actions – anonymously.

This system lets you see heat maps that show the level of interest that website visitors have on areas of your pages and your website but also it provides a anonymous video recording of the website visitors activity, specifically their mouse movements and realtime clicks around your website.

Frankly it is pretty odd to watch folks as they physically click around your website.

We are testing a new feature which I think is pretty cool.

Live feedback.

There are lots of settings but I like to use the one that brings up a question when the visitor moves their mouse away from the website page. They may be just about to click ‘back” or even go to another search attempt.

Whatever their reason for potentially leaving, a little pop up that only displays then with a short and simple question is all you need to do.

We are testing this at the moment, on our website and on a number of clients’ websites as well.

It is proving especially useful if you have product information or service information to relay to website visitors.

Not everyone will give you their feedback.

In our world we are often asked our opinion, mostly too often; particularly online. But we fear lots of questions and wasting our time, so we don’t bother completing them. Systems like this should be used sparingly and ask only a few short questions.

The main feedback is to get them to tell you what they were looking for but couldn’t find:

mouseflow feedback questions

The real deal.

The best question is the last question.

mouseflow feed back on your website

If you get that completed, and so far about 40% do complete it, then you have an enquiry. If you deal with their enquiry effectively it may result in a new customer.

Then of course you must say thank you.

mouseflow thank youWould you like Visitor Feedback to know if your website is doing its job?

Every website owner should be asking their website visitors whether they have found the information they were looking for.

If you like the sound of this, get in touch and we can help you enable it on your website.