Business to Business Marketing thoughts – Part 2 – Telemarketing

Comments on the use of Out-bound Telemarketing

This operation is generally used to create leads from “cold calling”. It is often considered to be the poor relation to inbound enquiries and therefore is often completely overlooked or under resourced.

The reputation of “cold calling” has suffered through using unknowledgeable agencies to make direct contact and then not to be able to follow through on conversations as they have no training or extremely limited knowledge of the subject matter they are expected to talk about. This is particularly evident in technical industries.

Our own experience (Clickingmad) of telemarketing results in the following list of actions we undertake broadly speaking. These methods work in our industry and I feel they should work in others.

  • Recruitment of confident telephone users/ex salespeople
  • Training (Minimal) to establish a minimum knowledge capable of discussing the overall subject.
  • Gain contact data and establish to the initial contact information is correct (who? what? where? Etc)
  • Contact non technical decisions maker, discuss in the broadest terms who they are currently served by and there regular requirements looking for opportunities to pitch for their business.
  • Dependant on your organisation ask for the opportunity to discuss how you can help them.
  • Diarise for future call back and make full notes on CRM system
  • Follow up with email communication or brochure with personalised covering letter detailing the summary of the conversation, thereby increasing the apparent importance they represent to your organisation.
  • Ensure that the agreed action happens without fail to build the relationship.

The above will only work with the management will of the organisation focussed on the importance of the subject and being seen to be supportive of it.

Targets of numbers of calls, numbers of appointments (if relevant) and other benchmarks are needed to motivate the staff and to keep a tight rein on the activity.