Business to Business Marketing thoughts – Part 1 – Mailing Lists and CRM

These are potential clients to a business and are gained from a variety of sources; meetings, networking, website enquiries, referrals etc. They represent “warm” leads and should be treated as such.

CRM systems are only as good as the data they hold within them and then how you use that data in a proactive way.

Extract from the Sales and Marketing Institute website;

“Unfortunately, the information required to create these database[s] is often old, inaccurate, in too many different files/silos, held in the head of the salespeople, or not yet developed and recorded. This situation is further complicated by no one in the marketing or sales group assuming overall responsibility for the database. Therefore, the database responsibility usually falls to the keeper of the data or the MIS group who, as we know, are neither marketeers nor salespeople.

In a number of companies, this information may be accurate but nowhere on the file is the name of the key contact or decision-makers. If there are names, they are frequently those of the accounts payable staff.

It is widely accepted in the direct marketing industry that for B2B, 50-60% or more of the success of a direct marketing campaign is dependent on the list, yet many companies spend more time and money on the creative process, which is only a 10-20% leverage on results than they do ensuring that the mailing list is accurate.


  • Ensure that any list is regularly checked for accuracy.
  • Ensure that you have all relevant data on the actual people who are the decision makers
  • Ensure that all contact is recorded accurately
  • Ensure that the contact with the prospect is regular and future action/contact is agreed with the prospect.