Can you do it in 4 seconds?

slow website loading affects google rankingWe live in a fast, digital, neo-responsive and dramatically whipped up and zipped up world. Whether we like it or not.

Google has been banging the drum about page speed for many years. As web users, our expectations of technology have increased significantly as our access speeds have gone faster. Websites are getting more complicated with users demanding and expecting more complexity and “clever” things going on.

This often leads to more engaging websites with for example: really large images rotating or movies automatically playing in the background or clever databases bringing in content from other places etc.. You will have seen clever slide shows that have multiple effects on them to make the content more attractive and exciting. All these things slow a website down. The more complex a website page is the slower it will load on a user’s screen. More code = more time.

Hosting is another factor in website speed. Is your hosting optimised for its target geographical audience? Is it configured correctly for your particular version of website software? Have you separated out images into a CDN (content delivery network) for example? Hosting is often overlooked and is often the main cause of slow website loading.

If your website is slow to load then Google may penalise you as a “slow coach” and you will lose rankings.

Apparently you now have only 4 seconds, if that time period expires without your website being fully available, you will be discarded by your website visitor and will not be revisited by over 75% of them. If you want to check your website speed before you call Clickingmad try this free tool: The tool will give you some speed improvement ideas and a score out of 100 for speed on a desktop machine or a mobile device. You need to be in the “green” on both measures. If you struggle to understand the results, give us a shout.

Don’t get bumped down because your website is slow, speed up and improve the experience for your users and keep Google happy. If you don’t know how, you know who to call. Call Clickingmad Ltd on 01746 769612.