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Watch out for these 2 scam emails

UKPC parking fine scam emailUKPC Email Scam

I picked this up today and having been the recipient of a real parking fine recently (embarrassing) I read it carefully.

It is spam and the link, which is quite enticing goes to a completely different website that has some nasty things in it.

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK and delete the email straight away.

Final Notice for Domain Email Scam

SEO Domain expiration scam

I received this today from a client asking if it is real. I have received lots of the exact same scam email myself, This one is more clever as it lists real domain names and real personal information about the domain owner. That way it looks authentic. IT IS NOT.  This is complete nonsense so DO NOT ENGAGE with this one either. This is just a simple financial scam and the apparent service is nonsense.

The reason why more folks are caught with this one is because they use the real registrants name and address and the real domain name. This information is freely available online so don’t think because they have that it is real. It’s just a scam.

Stay safe.


Award win for digital agency

award winning digital agencyAward win for West Midlands based digital agency – Clickingmad.

Clickingmad Ltd are pleased to announce that they have been selected by US based technology platform Clutch as one of the “Top Full Service Digital Agencies in the United Kingdom”. 

Clutch is a review platform that is gaining significant awareness across the digital market place, worldwide. Clickingmad have also been named as winners for categories such as Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

The award is as a result of detailed and verified telephone interviews with clients of Clickingmad.

MD Proud of the award winning team

“As Managing Director, I am very proud of my team at Clickingmad and this award shows that this positive feeling is also shared by our customers. This is a significant achievement in our 18th year of operations.

I want to say a big thank you to the wonderful staff at Clickingmad most of whom have been the company for over 10 years. Also to our loyal client base, many of whom have also been clients of Clickingmad for many years.” Comments Shaun Carvill. Managing Director.

To read some of the first batch of comments from existing Clickingmad clients (more to come!) please click this link to the Clickingmad Clutch Review.

Shaun Carvill. MD Clickingmad.

Free Sample website brief and tender document download

sample website brief or tender downloadSample website brief/tender download

As a digital agency we often receive website briefing documents prepared by the prospective client. Some of these documents are well written, some not.

We also receive RFP’s (request for proposals) in the form of tenders. Again the quality of these documents vary quite a lot. They are either for too complicated or too simple.

I understand how hard it can be to specify what you want if you are not web savvy or technically minded. even the best marketeer can get bogged down by this exercise. So spare a thought for the Sales Director or Intern that has been tasked with coming up with a website specification.

I thought it my be an idea to create a check list indicating the main areas that you should consider when creating a briefing document or a tender request – from an agencies point of view.

The better the brief – the better the website

If you follow the steps and advice in this free document you should be able to create a level playing field that your agencies will appreciate. You might – just might get what you need.

The headings will help you put down what the agency needs to know to put forward a costed proposal. It covers the main points and also lists some items that are often forgotten by clients.

Should you go to tender at all?

I am not a fan of tenders – for either party. They often do not result in the best fit and often come in way over or way under the correct cost – simply because they are tenders. Pain and grief often follows.

Tendering can restrict the communication between a vendor and purchaser. Let’s face it, in any walk of life good communication is the key to ensuring understanding.

However I do understand that whilst for me it might be easy to understand what a client needs from a website, often it is difficult for the client themselves to write that down.

Here I provide the downloadable document for your reference. I hope they help you in your search for a new digital partner.

Choose your file type to download:

Feel free to distribute if you wish.