GDPR compliance advice

GDPR – concerning Direct Debit payments.

Data Protection Changes coming via GDPR.
On 28th May 2018, the Data Protection Act – GDPR – is being updated by European legislation known as the General Data Protection Regulation. It essentially governs the permission, storage and use of personal data.

The GDPR applies to any organisation that conducts business within the EU and as we are still part of the EU, this applies to all legal entities from this May. Brexit may change the legislation but until then we feel it is safer to comply with this directive now.

This document discusses GDPR in terms of Direct Debit payment collection only, but the full scope is much wider than this as it relates to any personal information held by a company.
Data Controllers
These will usually be the public-facing entities that data subjects apply their information to. This will be the point at which you collect a customer’s personal details in relation to setting up a Direct Debit. You may collect details via paper, over the phone, online, store it in your own CRM and billing systems as well as entering into an online Direct Debit system.
Data Processors
The organisation which processes personal data on behalf of the data controller.

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T C Bolts choose Clickingmad Ltd

T C Bolts chooses Clickingmad Ltd

T C Bolts of Wrexham have chosen Bridgnorth based website design and development company Clickingmad Ltd to create their new website. The new modern styling will reflect the global strength of this major player in bolting products suitable for infrastructure and large scale engineering projects.

The graphic design process is well underway and the new website should be available early in 2018.

“Clickingmad are proud to have been chosen to redesign T C Bolts website in support of the Engineering sector.” Says Shaun Carvill. Managing Director of Clickingmad.

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Clickingmad News

Watch out for these 2 scam emails

UKPC Email Scam
I picked this up today and having been the recipient of a real parking fine recently (embarrassing) I read it carefully.

It is spam and the link, which is quite enticing goes to a completely different website that has some nasty things in it.

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK and delete the email straight away.

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Clickingmad News

Award win for digital agency

Award win for West Midlands based digital agency – Clickingmad.

Clickingmad Ltd are pleased to announce that they have been selected by US based technology platform Clutch as one of the “Top Full Service Digital Agencies in the United Kingdom”. 

Clutch is a review platform that is gaining significant awareness across the digital market place, worldwide. Clickingmad have also been named as winners for categories such as Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation.

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Clickingmad News

Free Sample website brief and tender document download

Sample website brief/tender download
As a digital agency we often receive website briefing documents prepared by the prospective client. Some of these documents are well written, some not.

We also receive RFP’s (request for proposals) in the form of tenders. Again the quality of these documents vary quite a lot. They are either for too complicated or too simple.

I understand how hard it can be to specify what you want if you are not web savvy or technically minded. even the best marketeer can get bogged down by this exercise. So spare a thought for the Sales Director or Intern that has been tasked with coming up with a website specification.

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