Christmas Party Madness

This year Clickingmad wanted to do something a little different from the usual doll up, get drunk and feel bad routine.

So, we did, and then some.

Brambles taxis picked us up in a minibus and drove through the untreated icy roads over to a car park in Much Wenlock. Once there we were left to fend for ourselves in the snowy landscape. The sun was kind however and provided some lovely views over the Shropshire countryside.

Wenlock Edge is a famous beauty spot and is a wonderful walk in the summer, in the winter? Well that’s another story.

The going was tough on some parts of the 7 mile hike, particularly for me; still suffering from. A chest infection. Lol.

We had to walk to the end as a slap up luncheon was waiting for us at a local but very remote hostelry.

We all had a great time, even finishing with a 35 degree half mile of snow and ice covered heartbreak ridge.

Eventually we reached the pub and the meal was lovely.

The taxi came for us later and the hardened ones carried on into Bridgnorth to get some alcohol to ease their tired bones. Me, I went to bed like a good little wimp. Well I was poorly! Lol

Happy Christmas and a safe and reflective New Year from the trail weary yet strangely proud Clickingmad team of Christmas hikers.