Comments are dead?

Is it something that we need to start seriously considering?

The bottom line is that the comments sections are notoriously hard to manage.  That’s a fact.  The potential risks involved when general public is invited to leave comments, following an announcement or news article, are numerous but let me name just two most troublesome, in my view:

Subjectivity based on notorious lack of information and awareness on the given topic.  The users falling into this category comment regularly just out of habit on everything and anything that comes out and usually (but not exclusively) these people react based on their emotions without adding any real value to online discussions. Abuse of the above mentioned users by others, equally addicted to commenting.  This group of reviewers is perhaps more aware but incredibly rude and radical in their reactions.Of course, there also genuine users contributing with their comments but these are quite rare these days since they get put off by the users abusing each other as described above.

Needless to say no comments below this article allowed!

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