Creative & Digital Conference confirms Keynote Speaker from Bing.

Today I am very pleased to announce after much discussion, that I have convinced Aaron McGrath of Microsoft to give the Keynote speech at our Creative conference in June this year.

Since 2013 Aaron has been responsible for developing Bing’s sales and service across Europe.

Aaron’s talk will be called: Bing It On!

An excerpt: “Over the past few years, something wonderful has happened, that web of knowledge has been joined by a web of people and relationships through social media and now slowly but steadily, accompanied by a web of places as we start to digitise every aspect of the world around us. The most important accelerator in this dramatic change has been the role of mobile and tablet devices.”

I for one am very excited to hear what he has to say from a truly unique, and authoritative position.

Many other speakers will be there on this rather special day including Internet savvy finance people, business and banking and the UKTI. Even I may say a few words!

So if you are running a creative or digital business, get in touch and I will send on more details. Just keep 12th June 2014 free! It will most definitely be worth it!