Cryptolocker Virus Warning

Extract from an email I sent to Clickingmad clients recently.

RE: Cryptolocker and Game Over Zeus – Don’t panic – BUT – Protect yourself! 

We would like to bring to your attention a dangerous virus that is doing the rounds as well as give you some useful advice how to protect your business against this kind of malicious attack.

“GameOver Zeus” was the brain child of Russian hacker Evgeniy Bogachev who is now behind bars due to being successful in using the zeus virus to attack a pc through attachments to emails. This then led to a “cryptolocker” attack where he would ask you pay money to access your files that he had “locked”.

Millions of dollars were lost through this scheme.

There has been speculation that we in the UK should prepare for a large scale use of this virus. Whether this is true or not we felt that some reminders on general pc security may be worthwhile. As always Clickingmad wants you to be informed.

Our advice to be as safe as possible:


  • Have separate storage for your emails that are scanned prior to you receiving them – perhaps using cloud based email systems with extra filters. (Ask us about our cloud based exchange services.)
  • Have a high quality hardware firewall installed by your IT company.


  • Store your company files (including email backups) off site on removable drives or the cloud.
  • Keep backups of your files separately – ask us or your IT company how to do this.


  • Update your anti-virus or internet security software and keep it automatically updated.
  • Keep your operating system up to date and set it to update automatically. Often vulnerabilities are exploited in OS that are fixed by updates.
  • Never open an attachment in an email from an unknown source, be careful even if it’s from a known contact as their computer may be have been compromised.
  • The same goes for links in an email, don’t click it. Always look carefully at where the link is taking you to. If you are unsure – contact us.
  • Be very careful with downloads, if they are “free” then be extra careful.

You can get more useful information here (government advice)

Stay safe and if in doubt, contact us, we will do our best to advise and help you.