Cyber Security Taskforce Launch

This today from the BBC:

The UK’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UK), which will co-ordinate the country’s cybersecurity defence, has been formally launched. The body will deal with “cybersecurity incidents” of national significance.

It will also provide advice and alerts on cyber-threats to government, industry and academia. Speaking at the launch, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said that 93% of large corporations had had “a breach” over the past financial year. The attacks cost on average between £450,000 and £850,000, he added.

The minister also repeated the claim that one London-based company had suffered a security breach which cost it “£800m worth of revenue”. But, he said, cybersecurity also presented an opportunity. It was “an essential feature of – and a massive opportunity for – the UK’s economic recovery”.

The government says it has allocated £860m to the UK’s cybersecurity efforts. However, figures were not available for the current budget specifically for CERT-UK, which will be based in London and will consist of a team of 55 people.


Shaun Carvill. MD of Clickingmad comments:

To be honest this is a bit late in the day. Also the fact that it is not in the current budget is unfortunate. The UK is way behind many of the so called emerging nations in its understanding of and dealing with, cyber crime.

To think that the vast majority of our businesses int he UK have either very little or nor REAL protection from unauthorised data access is a scary thought.

Think of the business you are in, if you lost all of your customer data to your competitor would it affect your business? If all of your financial information were available to either your competition or unscrupulous types, would that be a problem?

Too right it would. But what have you done about  it? Probably nothing. You rely on your IT guys/girls to protect you. Correct? But what if they don’t know how to to do that properly?

I think it is unfair to lay the burden of your company’s data security in the hands of someone who has, in the main, often a relatively junior post.

At least get them some training or get in an expert on data security.

Then, and only then can you rest.