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Dangerous Social Media?!


Can the massive social media market (with user numbers of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube totalling over 2.5 billion) pose a real threat to the knowledge and well-being of the general public?  Unbelievable as it may sound, yes it can.

From learning how to tie a tie to teaching the new craze of loom bands, social media can teach us all a plethora of new skills and pastimes, but after reading a recent article of blogger Katie

Collins, it seems the latest trend to sweep YouTube is teaching basic life support and CPR…incorrectly!

This worrying discovery came about after a team of Turkish emergency medicine specialists scoured the internet for relevant videos, including keywords such as “basic life support”, “BLS”, “CP

Out of the 209 videos viewed and analysed, an alarming 88.5% were incorrect, and did not meet with the 2010 International guidelines for CPR. The research and its findings were published in the Emergency Medicine Australasia journal, and have caused a stir with many of the Australian Resuscitation Council NSW.R” and “cardiopulmonary resuscitation”. These were then filtered and analysed, with all footage to have been posted between 2011 and 2013, were in English and did not incorporate advertising. The results were shocking.

To find out more, click here to read Katie Collins original blog on the topic: ‘Learning CPR from YouTube: maybe not a great idea’.