Digital Marketing in a “recession”

We all know that times are tough for the business community, although with some notable  exceptions. Part of my job is to look carefully at the general marketing activity of my clients and see where/if digital marketing could be used more effectively. If you think historically of the evolution of remote & mass communication, from print, telegraph, phone, fax and now email; we have come a long way. But the message is and remains the same; communicate well with your market and then entice them to buy your goods and services.”

In a recession being smart about your marketing is extremely important, but can often be a challenge. You need to keep as much cash in the business as possible yet not lose market share through lack of marketing. Digital media now provides a range of opportunities to communicate with your market. Simply sending an email on a regular basis, often at minimal or no cost can keep your customers aware of you. Skype can be used for face to face meetings through webcams, to save on fuel and travelling time, at no call cost. Your website can be used to promote new products and services to your customer base instantly, and often without charge, by using Social Media.

Look to digital media to help you keep your name out there, keep your costs down and your sales and marketing functioning, especially in a recession. Marketing is like a spinning plate. If you don’t want it to fall off the pole – keep it turning, even if only slowly. As always, do get professional advice on anything you are not totally sure of.