Even more on website design west midlands…

Here is the latest in the saga of Clickingmad taking over website design in the West Midlands by our expansion into Birmingham. (next stop the world!) I visited offices today in Victoria Square, Birmingham. I am on the brink of saying yes and taking website design skills into Birmingham from this base. We will keep our production and account management functions in Shropshire as the upheaval would cause issues for our on going website design production.

At any one time Clickingmad have 40/45 website design and/or website build jobs on going, so I can’t risk delaying any work on behalf of a website design client, they don’t deserve delays!

So back to trying to sort out getting web visitors for the phrases “website design in the west midlands” and “website design in Birmingham”. Remember we have traded there successfully for over 11 years and have many wonderful clients there, so we know the patch. The idea if you recall was to get closer to our Birmingham brethren and show them we really mean business about becoming the number 1 web agency in the West Midlands and Birmingham in particular.

So Victoria Square in Birmingham, suitable do you think? Gotta make my mind up!