Fancy a useful “404” page? – Check this out…

missing people 404 page“404” pages on websites are a true waste of our time and resources, the world over.

“404” means the link, page or resource is no longer available on the website. It’s a response that websites give when a certain type of error happens.

We have a client; NCVO in London, they are big in the charity sector and we help them with several of their digital platforms.

I noticed just now that they have a very interesting¬†feature on their website when someone goes to a website address or page that is has either gone or has been moved – often referred to in development as a “404” page. I’m sure you have seen this phrase.

The above is an example of what pops up if you cant find a page on NCVO website here: I have taken out the identity of the person referred to for obvious reasons.

I think it’s a great idea as apparently 275,000 people a year go missing and that just in the UK!

Only the other day was thinking about what I could do to help find missing people, using my experience of the internet. I have some ideas then I saw this – not the answer but a nice idea and I recommend you look at it.

If you want this put into your website – contact your developers or let us know.