Freight Forwarders, N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd Support Border Collie Trust through their website.

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Ulrike Gill; Director at N Gill Exports and Imports, Ben Wilkes; Trustee at the Border Collie Trust and Reilley the Border Collie.

Freight Forwarders, N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd, have launched their brand new website this month, to give information to customers on their range of air, land and sea freight services for both importing and exporting. The professional-looking website has been both designed and built by well established website design agency: Clickingmad Ltd through their innovative Giving Websites Project.  

Based in the UK, N.Gill Exports and Imports Ltd are long established freight forwarders and wanted their new website to reflect their knowledge and experience. The Giving Websites project provided them with a new professional website and to support a charity at the same time.

Ulrike Gill, Director at N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd comments ‘We were delighted when we found out we could support a charity through our website. Being Border collie owners ourselves it was ideal that the Border Collie Trust were part of Giving Websites. We are very pleased with the website as it looks great and works well for us.’

Ben Wilkes, Trustee of Border Collie Trist GB said ‘It is always great to have a business make a donation to you but to be supported on a regular basis is even better. We would also like to thank Ulrike and N Gill for the generous donation of toys she bought with her when she came to visit us.’

The new website proudly displays the Border Collie Trust logo and shows the long term relationship that has now been created. Not only can customers see that N Gill are a well-established and trustworthy company but also that they are fulfilling their corporate social responsibility on a regular basis as well.

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