Google + is now #2 in Social Media. Is Twitter dead?

Apprently Google is now in front of Twitter and one behind Facebook with it’s+1 platform aiming at the Social Media user.

Its nifty little button is now seen on many websites. But mainly with an eye on the consumer at the moment.

Will it challenge Facedbook? I doubt it.

According to the source of this story that I have read HERE Facebook had over 51% of worldwide Internet using their platform every month.

BUT, with Google + and You Tube coming in at about 25% and 22% respectively. You could argue that Google is rapidly catching Facebook as Google also owns You Tube and therefore has two routes to market.

Twitter is languishing a poor fourth in the rankings with a paltry 21%. That’s still rather a lot tweeting their life away.

I am only interested in business use but rest assured I will always keep an eye on trends. Let’s see what happens.