What is Google “Pay Per Clip” advertising?

pay per clip advertisingGoogle Pay Per Click or Google Pay Per Clip?

I regularly look at Google Webmaster Tools; (AKA Search Console) a free tool available to anyone who has a website. It tells you all sorts of important and interesting things about how Google is treating your website and its general performance through various metrics.

Now look at the image above, it is a search I put into Google when Webmaster Tools indicated this Blog was on the first page for the search term.

So why am I interested in that? Why would I be bothered about it? We don’t sell Pay Per Clip advertising, at least not yet!

The point is my actual placement on the page and the search result that Google provided:

pay per click advertising

You will note that the “pay per clip” phrase is written on the Title description of the page. Google displays this is in it’s search result listings. That is why Google thinks “paper clip” is a relevant result. You can see it is shown in bold as it is part of the search phrase itself.

And to cut a long story short, this is why I am sharing it with you;

Think about your website pages and their Titles, Google reads them. Google does not read your meta keywords by the way. It concentrates on your content and page titles amongst many other things.

If you are in the market for some pay per click (Adwords) advertising help, then give us a shout, we are Google qualified after all.

To be fair we haven’t yet created the advertising model for “pay per clips”.

However, could this work?…

pay per clip advertising maybe


Actually I quite like that! 😀