Do Google searches reveal reason for Brexit?

referendum searches on GoogleWhat were the main searches on Google during the IN/OUT referendum?

Here are some interesting stats about Google searches during one week (31st May – 7th June) in the referendum period.

This is an interactive map. You can zoom in, look at each Local Authority area, or search for it in the search box. You can also share it if you wish.

If you can make out the red colours across the map of the UK, that colour represents Google questions centred around “Immigration”. Is there any doubt of the overriding reasoning for the vote for Brexit?

Did we know enough about what we were voting on?

Perhaps more worryingly take a look at this graph showing the UK top searches connected to the European Union after the result was announced.

Check out Number 2!

top Google searches in UK referendum

Does this mean UK citizens didn’t understand the subject they were voting on?

The Europeans had a lot of questions for Google around Brexit as well.

One of the major search terms across the EU area as whole during this period has been: “Why does the UK want to leave the European Union?” (Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia).

This resulted in about 21,500,000 results from which they could choose!

Some European countries were also searching Google asking what consequences a Brexit would have on them directly.

For example:

  • “What are the economic consequences of Brexit?”
  • “How will a Brexit affect expats?”
  • “How to get UK citizenship”
  • “How would Brexit affect [name of country]?”

It seems there has been much incredulity and interest on this subject throughout the EU area.

Which of the main protagonists were popular in Google search terms?

Who of the notable personalities involved in campaigning was getting the most search interest on Google on polling day, 23rd June 2016?

who was searched for during the referendum

And finally

A YouGov poll carried out on around the 13th of June 2016 showed some interesting statistics. Apparently 46% of those wishing to leave the EU thought that the vote would be rigged for the UK to stay in. Click to here to see a PDF of this YouGov poll results.

A seismic shift in the shape of the politics of at least 500 million European and possibly the rest of the world has just happened.

Remember where you were on this day.

Update: 25th June 2016. 18.30. Over 2 million sign this!:
Update: 25th June 2016. 20.00. Lord Ashcrofts’ Poll on the referendum makes very interesting reading with some startling statistics. See it HERE.