Google sitemaps are now able to use video

I received this today from Google.

Basically they have now produced a method for a site map to show videos that are within your website. This is a fast growing trend and not one for just video websites. All businesses should consider using video to relay an important message or complicated subject.

Certainly our clients have bought our filming and editing services for their sites to differentiate them from their competitors.

I have been threatening for some time to inflict my unfortunate visage on our website visitors, yes really, me on video!

Don’t forget you heard it here first. Although lighter life is beckoning before the tape starts rolling. Lol.

Anyway here is what google said today:

“Often a website which hosts videos will have a common top-level page that groups conceptually related videos together. Such a page may be of interest to a user searching on that subject. Sites with many videos about a single subject can group these videos together on a top-level page, often known as a gallery. This can make it easier for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. In this case, you can use a Sitemap to tell Google the URL of the gallery page on which each video appears.

You can specify the URL of the gallery level page using the optional tag on a per-video basis. Note that only one gallery_loc is allowed per video”