How far away is too far for us to build your new website?

I travelled to a lovely part of the UK today. East Anglia. The flat landscape, the rolling fields and today at least the lovely weather. This all served to make my trip very worthwhile and enjoyable. In the Internet we pretend that we can do business without ever meeting the client. I believe you can sell to consumers and even trade with business without meeting them But if you are in the Business to Business arena you need to meet.

Business to business dealing require trust, trust is earned through honestly and openness. Only by meeting us can you be assured of our skill and abilities At Clickingmad we do not hide behind the Internet, we regularly invite prospective clients to our offices to visit us and meet the team who will actually be working on their project. This is fairly unique in our business. Sometimes for good reason.

I have no problem with UK firms using overseas development and design companies to create their website, as long as they know that fact. We are aware that some UK agencies purport to do the design and development themselves but in reality the work is done far afield.

Not at Clickingmad. All work is carried by our in house teams of experts in their field.

So back to my visit today. We were one of 5 agencies asked to attend a meeting and present their wares. On the way back I was informed by the office that we have already been shortlisted to be one of 2 potential suppliers who will be visited by the client.

Is a round trip of 320 miles too far to travel? No, not when I am certain we can really help this client to not only attract their targeted customer but also engage with them and build their business as a result.

As with most businesses I need to trust my suppliers so I visit them to check them out and that’s why we “have the Internet but still travel” for the benefit of our own customers.

Our services discussed today include:

Messaging review
Brand strategy
Website graphic design
Open source content management system
Useability testing
Search engine optimisation
Free training
Statistical Analysis
And free ongoing support

Remember all of these services are provided in house by our own teams. Not by faceless email addresses far away.

Long may face to face dealings be the way to do business. Despite technology.