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Improving Perfection? The Bed Warehouse Direct gets a makeover.

Make your bed with The Bed Warehouse Direct.

A new website for The Bed Warehouse Direct
A new website for The Bed Warehouse Direct

How do you improve a website that does extremely well? By providing lots of new functionality and improving the user experience. www.thebedwarehousedirect.com is a very successful website that sells beds, mattresses and related items to many customers per month. Their customers regularly shower them with praise for their service levels and smooth transactions. Check out the new website on www.thebedwarehousedirect.com and let us know your thoughts.

We have added a newsletter automated sign-up feature, related items to encourage cross selling, You can now ask them to call you back at your convenience and Sagepay is now totally integrated into the site for a seamless purchasing experience and flow.

Oh and finally there are some more beautiful lifestyle images to show you how happy you can be with a new bed and mattress from The Bedwarehouse Direct.