Is there a new Search Engine on the block?

Although as Google professionals we work closely with the search engine behemoth, I do like a diverse spectrum of services offered on the market within all industries and the same goes for online search services.  This notion came to mind when I have come across an article highlighting the fact that a new search engine, SciNet, has been developed in Finland which promises to work in a radically different way from the way Google does. The guys behind the new search engine even claim it will outperform Google.  Power to their elbow, I say.   However, only time will show if the claims are legitimate,  as having a great product is one thing but launching it, marketing it and supporting it, is quite a task especially against such an opponent as Google.

So will this new search engine SciNet, or any other for that matter, give Google a run for their money?  With a large corporation such as Google a certain degree of complacency may occur if it hasn’t already, when it comes to their services, products and especially support. Let’s watch this space.