Is your eCommerce site ready for the surge?

Shopping online has now become a day-to-day normality for most households and businesses whether you’re buying your groceries, gadgets or a new computer for the office it can all be found out there on the World Wide Web. Online shops saw a huge surge with Christmas sales and this demand really put some eCommerce websites and their hosting providers to the test.

Can your ecommerce website cope with the sudden rise in traffic and activity?

Is your hosting provider capable of supporting a high volume of visitors?

From the buyers perspective there is nothing more frustrating that finally finding that perfect gift and the website not working or the shopping cart not allowing you to complete your order. A lot of time the reason we see slow or crashing websites is the hosting provider cannot cope with the large amount of traffic seen at peak times such as Christmas. We stress to every one of our clients the importance of hosting and we pride ourselves on the high standard of hosting we provide and we urge other website designers to do the same.

As this BBC Article shows 2015 holds many new technology surges but we found the comments by Taylor Rhodes, CEO of Rackspace particularly interesting. Using Rackspace servers ourselves we will be encouraging our clients to improve and prepare their ecommerce sites to make 2015 a success for them.