More On Website Design West Midlands

More On Website Design West Midlands

Further to my article on Website Design in the West Midlands I wanted to update you on our search for suitable offices to commence our expansion into Birmingham. We already have lots of website design clients in Birmingham and the surrounding areas but my goal is for my company to become the preferred option for any business in Birmingham. They need to find us and to choose to ask us to help them for website design in Birmingham and the west midlands, search engine optimisation west midlands and ecommerce designers west midlands. Is this too much to ask after 11 years of providing the services to them?

Don’t forget, we want to attract website enquiries from Birmingham based companies and so I have continued our Adwords campaign and I am happy to say that we have had a reasonable number of enquiries and I am sure that when I finally decide on the location that we will be in a great position to be the best website design company in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

So today I looked at offices in Brindley Place, off Broad Street Birmingham. Some offices in St Pauls Square in Birmingham and also another office on the Hagley road in Edgbaston.

It’s difficult to find just the right mix of pleasant atmosphere, easy access and a well known address for our new venture. The thing is every time I search on Google for Website Design West Midlands, or Website Design Birmingham I find companies that are not based there but who pretend to be. Seems odd huh? For example my article is listed in Google on only page 5. See this link: Click Here

Anyway back to my search, I have yet to visit Newhall Street, and Victoria Square. They are next on my list. I will post an update on here soon. If anyone has any suggestions as to where we should base ourselves in Birmingham so that google can find us. Please let me know lol.