Want leads from your website? Try this.

i want more website enquiriesDo you want to know who is on your website and be able to get more leads?

At Clickingmad we use a rather clever tool to identify the businesses on our website. These are leads, and they are “warm” leads,  certainly if they are in your target market or sector. It is very useful to know the name, address and contact details of the company visiting our website and also which of our website pages they have visited. A great way to start a conversation.

The problem to overcome

It’s a shame, but probably correct that research shows only 2% of website visitors actually enquire. Discovering the identity of anonymous visitors unlocks additional sales opportunities for your business, which you never knew you had.

Improve your return on investment from your online marketing and lead generation activity by using this information to target prospect leads more effectively, based on their behaviour on your website and how frequently they have visited.

Key features of the sales tool include;

  • Access to full business contact details of your visitors.
  • Customised alerts for specific visitor activity on your website.
  • You can probably think of more ways in which it could help you, we can.

The software is easily installed by adding a simple tracking code to your website. The data can be instantly accessed through the online portal, or by integrating it with your CRM platform if you wish.

We have been using the system for over some years, in that time we have experienced a 450% ROI. Honest.

To book your free, no obligation trial please contact us on 01746 769612. You have nothing to lose.

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For a limited period we are offering 10% discount on the service if you sign up through Clickingmad.

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