New Cookie Legislation

Today I received an email from a client about the forthcoming legislation on cookie usage within websites.
They were worried about the impact on thier website. My response was as follows:cookie

All websites (well 99%) use cookies to track the visitor moving from page to page, often this is needed to carry with them information such as what is in the shopping cart or their preferences declared on previous pages.

Your website does use cookies for example Google Analytics tracks visitor activity using cookies as each user creates what’s known as a session.

The problem ones are used by ad serving companies who then track a users’ activities online once they have clicked an advert, they then build up a profile on that user and serve them adverts based on their previous web usage and activity.

We Do Not do that.

I don’t think you have a problem, but we will need to see the legislation before I can give you a definitive answer

That’s what I said, if you are worried about whether your website is legal give us a call and we will take a quick look – free!