Elfoid… New “human” phone? Please..no!

elfoid robot phoneScientists at Japan’s Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International and Osaka University have teamed up to produce the prototype of a future mobile phone, which they have called Elfoid.

It resembles a small person with its bodily features simplified so that it is “capable of being interpreted equally as male or female, old or young,” according to the institute, while the gadget’s human-shaped exterior is covered with a urethane material that is designed to feel like human skin.

The scientists hope to eventually be able to make the Elfoid’s features move in an exact replication of those of the person on the other end of the line. The movement of eyes, lips and other parts of the face will be copied through the use of a monitor in one phone passing on details of facial movements to micro actuators, robotic devices that are already being used to mimic the actions of humanoid robots, in the other mobile phone. They also hope to depart from the conventional button-pressing approach to rely solely on image and voice recognition technology.

The new technology is designed to “allow individuals in remote locations to converse in such a way that they feel each other’s presence” through voice, appearance, touch and motion, the researchers said.

Article by The Telegraph.

My take: I think you will need to be very careful to call happy, pleasant people. Frankly I don’t think this idea has any legs. (sorry). Click here for You Tube video