New website for Enitial Limited

Enitial provide very useful monitoring facilities to councils and other landowners who need to monitor the gases and fluids emanating from landfill. They are a leading independent provider of emission and pollution monitoring, control and management services with locations throughout the UK. Their environmental monitoring and sampling activities cover, gas, landfill gas, surface water level, flow and quality, groundwater level, recharge and quality, noise, air quality, soil contamination, vibration along with effluent.

Their previous website did not effectively present their environmental ethos effectively so they asked us to not only produce a website design but also we rebranded the company with new styling and logo.

We think it works rather well. Their marketing manager said they have had very positive comments already since the website went live. They came in for their training in the Content Management System this week.

I would love to hear what you think.

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