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Do you ask for Visitor Feedback about your website?

Would you answer this Feedback question?
If you could get your website visitors to complete a short survey to give you some feedback about your website, would you want them to?

I think this is an excellent way of getting an important question answered.

After all if a visitor leaves your website without ever interacting with you, what is the value in that?
We work with software that records visitor actions – anonymously.
This system lets you see heat maps that show the level of interest that website visitors have on areas of your pages and your website but also it provides a anonymous video recording of the website visitors activity, specifically their mouse movements and realtime clicks around your website.

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Quaility Control – Is it really needed?

Great Quality proof reading – spot the mistake below.

The image above is a extract of the about us page of a new website that went live today. Not one of ours I might add. I just happened to come across it. The spelling of quality is wrong. Ironically.

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Watch out for this Google docs phishing email

google docs phishing email

If you have received this “Google docs” phishing email in your inbox – DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK.
This is another phishing attempt.
Google Docs is a great online resource allowing you to create, store and share documents, spreadsheets and other useful things. The problem is that if you click on the link in the email it goes to what you might think is a selling website.
Where does it take you?

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Want to improve your exporting?

Exporting? The World is changing.
So, you have a nice product or service that you think the rest of the world would want to buy? You may even be exporting right now, but could you do better?

Well the time has come to tell you about a new service that Clickingmad has launched;
Targeted Internet Exporting
This service involves;


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Another nasty Amazon scam to watch out for

Nasty Phishing email. If you get this one in your email, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINK.
Just saw this one and thought I would let you know.

It’s well designed and may fool a lot of folks. The only obvious mistake is the poor English and incorrect email address.

It will likely cripple your machine if you click a link.

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