Has your email address been sold?

has your email address been sold?You will be aware of the data losses by big companies over recent years such as T Mobile, Sony Playstation, Morrisons supermarket, Mumsnet, Talk Talk and many others.

As we get more “connected” and use our data more widely to make things easier to buy, to be “remembered” by our suppliers, personal or business, then we expose ourselves to losing control over some of our personal data.

Our email addresses are mainly “harvested” to go into spam activity. Spam has been decreasing in recent years yet it is unfortunate to still note that spam accounts for some 50% of all email received every day.

In this article I wanted to to give you a useful tool to assess if your email address has been sold in the past few years and from which data loss it may have come from.

I’ve tried it and wasn’t surprised to learn that my email address had been sold several times. My email address has been available in the public domain for many years so this came as no surprise.

However, if you are concerned that someone may have more info on your than you are comfortable, this website can help you identify which services that may have “lost” your data. If you find a hit on your details then at least you can ensure that your password is up to date.

Take a look at https://haveibeenpwned.com/ (as always, we cannot be held responsible for any external websites).

Perhaps you should let your friends and colleagues know about this? And don’t forget to check your personal email addresses as well as work ones.