Photos and HD Filming for a New Client

Laser Cut Hanging Basket - One of many I took photos of for the ecommerce website.
Laser Cut Hanging Basket - One of many I took photos of for the ecommerce website.

This morning I took several hours out to take still shots of a new clients’ range of hanging basket holders, the staff of the Central Profiles Ltd and of a laser cutting machine in full swing. Rather an odd combination I hear you say; yes it was but here is the reason;

We have been fortunate enough to have been chosen to develop 2 websites for the same company. The company, Central Profiles Ltd based in Kidderminster, offer laser cutting services to industry. Basically if you have large sheets (or small sheets – I guess) of steel and want them cut into intricate shapes and done quickly, then these guys are your choice. The rather amazing machine cuts through steel like butter (well actually like steel, but you know what I mean) and quick? Crikey its quick, so quick that most of my photos came out blurred, not of the cutting but of the head of the cutter whirring around like a mad thing on some banned substance. Check it out:


The reason why I took pictures of their hanging basket holders is for their new ecommerce website which will sell these rather clever things online. We think they will be of interest to gardeners and frankly anyone who wants to decorate their home in spring with a nice new hanging basket – with a twist.

We often take photos of clients’ premises, their staff and their products as frankly we are brill at it.. well I am (lol) seriously its because we know the purpose of the image, where its going to go on the website and the context in which it will be used. Of course we charge for the service, but quality costs. Right?

Stay tuned for an update on the progress of these 2 websites.