Poor XP is dead, get your OS sorted quickly!

Microsoft have now decided yesterday that the XP operating system is no longer viable toXP is no more support. I wanted to write a short eulogy to XP. If you read it quickly it might rhyme (in places);

  • It came and conquered all before, an OS you could actually configure. Microsoft said; “What to do? what or rather who, to consider?”
  • At last IT folk could work with something they produced. Yet Bill decided touchy screens and boxed windows can give everyone a boost.
  • Neptune it was called, in 2001. NT’s love child some would say. A networking dream I hear you cry. But Microsoft think it’s had its day.
  • “Please, please”, the IT crowd shout. “It works, don’t break it! I know you want more money but please don’t fake it!”
  • NT’s love child was a massive hit, with all who strived to keep things smooth. Is progress really positive change or maybe is it all a ruse?
  • It’s sad to think that we have to change, can 30% of the world be wrong? It seems though we have no choice now Microsoft have smacked that final gong. [ewww]
  • Rest in peace, XP my friend. We were productive and achieved a lot.
    Time marches on, perhaps maybe now I should just not give a jot.

Ok so me becoming poet laureate is not going happen any time soon. At least I had a go. If you can do better,  please send your poem to shaun@clickingmad.com and I will publish it for you.

By the way if you are still running it, then you need to upgrade, which probably means you will need a new pc – sorry.

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