Producing corporate video can be fun

We produced a corporate video for our client National Range Cookers about a visit to one of their suppliers; Aga Rangemaster. To take a look at the “range” of Range cookers they offer open the website.

We present some stills from the video:

orginal kitchener range cooker

Rangemaster have been producing range cookers in Leamington Spa since 1830! Here is the original Flavell Cooker. This is on display at Aga Rangemaster.

bending steel panels for rangemaster cookers

Near the start of the process is steel handling, shaping, cutting and bending. as you can see they have large bending and cutting machines at the facility in Leamington Spa.

punching hole in steel panels for rangemaster

Aga Rangemaster treat all the panels to ensure they are safe to handle and rust and dirt repellant:

coating rangemaster steel

Each cooker is hand assembled and quality checked throughout the process:

rangemaster hand built range cookers
building a rangemaster cooker

They built their 1 millionth Rangemaster on site in Leamington Spa in 2015

The fact that they build everything by hand and that they make the vast majority of parts on site in Warwickshire, came as a pleasant surprise.

shipping the finished rangemaster cooker

We had the chance to interview staff at Rangemaster to help explain the  longevity as a premium brand:

interview with rangemaster

We were also treated to a demonstration of a remarkable induction hob which really explains the amazing ability of this technology:

Names synonymous with quality; Aga, Flavell, Rayburn, Kitchener and of course Rangemaster have graced the history of quality kitchens throughout the world and they are still hand made in Leamington Spa today.

This filming job was a lot of fun and we learned lots about a famous British brand that is exported all over the world. Keep up the great work!