Search engine optimisationwebsite usability testing and website support are the three methods that Clickingmad employ to ensure your website provides a good return. By using these technologies and the experience that Clickingmad can bring, you will be best placed to not only have a great understanding of your website performance but also make the most of the opportunity the web offers.

If your website was on the front page of Google would your business benefit?

Clearly the answer is yes. But how do you do it? Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as the service is known is a long-established method for improving the “index ability” of your website. Index ability is what Google needs from your website.

There are numerous technical aspects of SEO which is why you need specialist technical assistance.

SEO has several phases and not one must be missed if your website is going to have a chance of being listed well.

Phase 1 – Benchmark your positions now.

We use various tools to check your current positions for the keywords and phrases you want to be found under. Only by knowing where you are now will improvements be visible.

Phase 2 – Check the build quality and structure of the website.

The main areas in the true “optimisation” phase are designed to ensure that the technical aspects of your website construction are completed correctly. We check many different elements of your existing website and rectify the problems (if any).

Phase 3 – Improve the contents of the website.

Google needs to read and store your website content. Google reads mainly the text so your message needs to be clear and concise. We will help you reword the contents with Google in mind.

Tip: “You need a well constructed website for Google to even notice you.”

Try this search now on Google:

Search Google for Search Engine Promotion – (the service we provide)

Last time we looked we were number 3 – across the UK!

Phase 4 – Encourage links to your website from others.

If you can get a high traffic website or an authoritative website to link to yours then this will help Google perceive your website is worth ranking well.

Phase 5 –Submit each and every optimised page to Googles’ index (and other search engines).

This is a manual task where we ask Google directly to list your website pages and then check they have done so.

We use various tools to check this work and provide reports to you on the progress.

(Repeat phase 3,4 and 5)

The key thing to remember is the comment in brackets above. This submission and ranking checks need to be done regularly.

How regularly depends on your target market, your competitors activities and your budget.

Website Design Birmingham is highly skilled is this activity and have been promoting websites into Google for over 17 years.

Please contact us so we can show you how successful we are at this key activity that can seriously improve your company’s website performance.