Continual Client Support

Clickingmad support

Our support packages are what really sets us apart from our competition. As far as we know we are the first UK digital agency to introduce client ambassadors – this is a new name for something that we have been doing for a very long time – providing total support and really looking after our clients.

The client ambassador scheme dictates that our staff each have a small number of clients to be responsible for. It is not just an account manager role and they don’t get commission from our client base.  The idea of the ambassador is that our staff consider themselves to be our clients’ employees who just happen to be working at Clickingmad. When it comes to the performance of the clients’ website and how we at Clickingmad, treat them, the ambassadors role really comes into its own.

What this means in practice is that our client can rest assured that we have their best interests at heart. The trust that is displayed between our clients and our team is incredible.

Many of our clients have been with us since the very beginning and to stay with a supplier in some cases for 13 years is, we think a testimony to the relationships we have built with them over that time. Long may it continue.

That said, one size does not fit all.

We tailor our support packages to our individual clients – all of whom are different, with different skill sets and talents, from small companies who need us to completely manage their websites through to multi-national corporations who need just advice, guidance and technical assistance on occasion. We think it’s worth stating that annually over 30% of our turnover comes from our existing clients buying more services from us.

If you want to experience the Clickingmad’s exceptional care, talk to us today.