Google Adwords

Pay per click (not paper clip)

This is the process by which advertisements are shown in a search engine’s results and then paid for on a basis of how many times they are clicked; hence the name.

Google’s version of this form of advertising is called Google Adwords and is likely to provide your company with the most exposure due to its domination of the search engine market.

Adwords is a very measurable method of advertising your website so it will be easy for you to track your progress and indeed, control your spend.

Google Adwords appear at the top and right hand side of their search results, as shown below.

Google Adwords – how does it work?

You create an advertisement in the Adwords control panel and then decide how much you will bid for that advert to appear.

To get started you will need to create a Google account which is straightforward.

You then set up a campaign in Adwords and decide your daily budget that you are prepared to spend bringing visitors to your website.

Google will check your advertisment

Google will check for spelling errors, silly claims and other details. This is sometimes done by hand.

They also check that the product or service you are advertising does not breach their own guidelines.

Once your advert is accepted it can be live in a matter of minutes.

Our conclusion

Online advertising is growing and if you want to be noticed in the search results then a PPC (pay per click) campaign is a must. BUT, do get an expert to help you if you are intending to spend a lot of money on any PPC campaign. The key thing to achieve is a good “ROI” – return on investment.

How much is too much to pay for a website visitor – you decide

We came across these phrases that seemed rather a lot of money was being spent on – PER CLICK!

  • Online live roulette – £75.02
  • TAC compensation – £70.19
  • No win no fee accident compensation – £66.75
  • Discounting accounts receivable – £64.90

It would seem that there is some money in gambling, compensation and accounting. Don’t worry most of our clients only spend between 25p and £3.50 per click.