Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

There is much hype about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Don’t be taken in by silly promises of a number 1 position in Google. It takes timepatienceand a good deal of expertise to gain a strong foothold in the major search engines.

Effective SEO has many faces

The term has come to mean performing a multitude of tasks to improve your website. Some of these tasks are carried out by your website development company, some you can do yourself – if you have a content management system. They include:

  • Descriptive Domain Name
  • Ordered Menu Structure
  • Descriptive Menu Structure
  • Descriptive Page Titles
  • Researched Meta Tag Description
  • Researched Meta Tag Keywords
  • Key Word Rich Page Contents
  • Google Site Map
  • Regular Webpage Submission
  • Regular Content Changes
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Planned Regular Updates

Like anything valuable, expert help is not necessarily cheap as you are paying for an expert’s time and years of experience. It can however, be money well spent if Search Engines like Google rank your website well for your best keywords and phrases.

Effective SEO is a partnership

We work with the search engines, listening to them and finding out about trends and changes in the way the search engines work. We find this work fascinating and when clients engage with the subject – so do they.

If you want to know more about our methods of SEO then please do get in touch.

Curious fact about “SEO”

The term “SEO” dates way back to England and parts of Scotland between the 5th and 12th centuries. “Séo” is a pronoun meaning “the” or “that”. Bet you didn’t know that, unless of course you are fluent in Anglo Saxon (old English). It’s amazing what you can find out on the Internet!