Strategic Customer Engagement

Keeping the customer satisfied

A website is not just about looking good with lots of features and lots of traffic. That’s only part of the story. Let’s assume that your website looks fantastic, the Search Engines are bringing lots of traffic and your bounce rate is low (your visitors have found the right website). All is great.

Except… the numbers of enquiries/phone calls/orders are not matching up to the numbers.

Your conversion rate is not as high as expected

You need to know why, you need expert advice on figuring out what is not working and how to fix it.

That’s where our usability testing comes in. There is no point in guessing what is wrong. Test it, prove it and then fix it. That’s the sort of service we provide to our clients.

It doesn’t matter what sort of website you have, if your numbers of enquiries don’t match up to expectations, then we can help identify why and put a plan in place so that you can act to put it right. Sound good? – Give us a call.