A/B Testing

Boring title – great idea

This is a really cool way to find out how design and layout can really affect your website visitors behaviour.

It’s simple really, you create version 1 of your “product a” page, you track and see how it does on length of time on the page, how the user got there and whether they then click on your “call to action” whatever that is. You now have a benchmark. Now you consider the potential effect of changing let’s say the colour of the page, the layout of the buttons or the words of the “call to action”.

These changes can often be quite subtle but by publishing version 2 of your “product a” page, you can then track the differences.

It could even be as simple as changing “buy now” to “add to basket” or some such small change.

You improve all the pages of your website so that they give you the best results they can. When you throw in demographics into the mix – then it really starts to get interesting.

Visitor conversions

Conversion rates can be any measurable action and are not just restricted to ecommerce sites and sales.

Conversion rates can include:

  • Sales
  • Leads (e.g. filling in a contact form)
  • Phone call to a monitored number
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Spending a certain amount of time on the site

What to A/B test

Once you have decided what conversion rate you want to improve the next stage is to work out what to change on the page to try and increase conversions.

Look at the various elements you have on the page in question that would be changed, these may include:

  • Headings – size, colour and placement.
  • Above or below “the fold” content.
  • Images – placement, different images.
  • Content – amount, wording, font, size and placement of content on the page.
  • Vary the “call to action” buttons such as: buy now, sign-up and subscribe.
  • Social media buttons – placement, size and wording.
  • Use of trade association and online trust seals.

The beauty of the web is that there is very little that cannot be tested to see the effect that a change can make. The secret is not to be afraid of actually doing it. We can advise you on what to test, how to test and when to test. Give us a shout.