Usability Testing

The definition could read:

“The ease of use and learnability of a human-made object.”

The idea of usability is nothing new; many of the household products we use today have come about as a result of improvements through usability testing. How about Dyson? He didn’t like the performance of the vacuum cleaner so he made a better one.

  • The theory can be applied to any creative (and we don’t just mean what colours to use) solution.
  • We use it to decide on the best way to achieve our client’s goals.
  • You can be a total computer nerd but still be incredibly creative in the development solution you think of on behalf of the client.

How we implement usability testing

A perceived goal for a website for example could be:

  • An increase in visitor numbers to a website
  • An increase in enquiries received through the clients website
  • A product sale
  • A telephone call to a particular number

Just about any improvement action that we can think of should go always through the path of Consider – Website Design – Website Development – Implement – Review and back to Consider again.

As the Internet changes every day, so must you think about the effectiveness of your website pages etc. to suit that changing market.

What does user friendly actually mean?

We think it means that every single page of your website has been designed to make it easy for your website visitor to understand what you do and why they should engage with you.

It doesn’t matter what the subject is. In our opinion the simpler the layout the easier it is to navigate around.

Lowest common denominator

There is a school of thought that dictates that you should design and build your website with the lowest common denominator in mind.

  • Assume your website visitor doesn’t know you or your product.
  • They will need their hand holding all the way through to the contact or “buy now” button.
  • Don’t make people think too much about your website.
  • None of us have the time to work out how your website works, just give it to us straight. 

Website Design and Usability

It’s important to take usability into account during the initial website design process and any future updates to the website.