Ringing the changes at Changemakers

changemakersFollowing on from the last website relaunch of Changemakers, a national charity based in London but with offices in various parts of the UK, decided to use Clickingmad to bring their new styling to life, online.
We first reported on the website work we did back in April 2010. (A Change for Changemakers.org.uk. Monday, April 12th, 2010)

This time round, they have opted for a much simpler styling and are concentrating on their very important message to young people. We applaud their good work and hope the new site will help achieve their very worthwhile goals.

Adam, their CEO had this to say: “…[thanks] for all your hard work in turning the new site round so quickly. We are very pleased with the results.”

Let me know what YOU think of the change for Changemakers… www.changemakers.org.uk