Running an old fashioned business – Yes or No?

When you start your new business you are bombarded with “must have’s”, “definitely need” types of advice. From booking keeping software, invoice discounting, lease cars etc. The list goes on and on.

So the question must be asked, can a business run successfully without all of the modern accoutrements?

Picture this, a company trading for about 50 years. Never had a PC, never had an accountant, no bookkeeper, no stock system, no formal sales people, no management structure, no appraisals, no reviews, no profit and loss forecasting or budgeting. 60 staff not managed, monitored or targeted.

Try selling them a website solution!!

So will a company like this survive in today’s cut and thrust commercial world?

Well let’s just say the answer may lie in the fact that there bank balance is around £1,000,000.00 cash every month.

So my job is to take them online with an ecommerce website. A challenge methinks. Not to build the website but to help them get ready to stock their products correctly, invest in some systems to help them keep track of orders and ensure dispatch is timely with good after sales service.

So to conclude, have lots of the latest tech or £1 million in the bank? You decide….