Should we be watched?

The Internet Problem

The Internet presents a vast source of information, some of it more substantiated than others.  It is the single most used medium to search for information, statistics and other forms of data, to spread news quickly and effectively, and to stay in touch with business partners, suppliers, colleagues, friends and family.

However, and it is a big & bold however, the Internet is also a playing field for con artists and their illegal activities, deceiving people out of their hard earned cash, hacking people’s machines, invading their privacy, parading unsolicited advertising and pushing pornography.

So it seems everything is allowed on the internet these days, not much is censored. Or is it?!

Today, thinking anyone can do and post anything about anyone and anything on the internet is very naive and can lead to all sorts of trouble and even result in serious legal consequences.  This does not include only obvious illegal activities.  It could be a single paragraph post on twitter that can get you into trouble.

How many libel cases concerning online activities have we heard about recently? People do not realise that Libel law applies equally to the Internet as it does in real life.

Another example of the ‘naïve’ Internet use is ignoring copyright laws.  Being an MD of a web based solutions development company for the past 14 years, I can use many examples of copyright law breaches in terms of image use and website content copied illegally.

So whilst there are valid arguments on both sides, for and against Internet control, as a parent and a responsible entrepreneur, I am all for tighter Internet control as long as it doesn’t interfere with our basic human rights such as privacy, access to information, news and entertainment freely available online as well as protected trading online.

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