Spam is getting worse?

Spam and it’s getting worse.

This topic was started on linked in and so thought about it a bit more…

I think spam is getting worse:

With numerous unpleasant attachments, insidious suggestions to click this and do that – which seem to be the most “successful” spam, I.e. More people being caught by the schemes. Particularly the “your password has been compromised” or “your bank account has been blocked, click here to access” types. Even the designs are good, looking like the respective bank or organisation.

The classic round robin, “forward this to 25 friends” etc. Is still doing the rounds and as successful as ever, with built in tracking to send all email addresses back to centralised spam database for future sale and abuse.

Unfortunately the spammers are clever chaps generally and even our friends at Spamhaus, who endeavour to help by holding blacklists (and whitelists) of domains and ip ranges and even lists of hosting companies who are responsible for spam state that around 90% of email globally is spam. See:

The above link has some info on how to tackle spam individually.

The bottom line in my opinion, is not to click on any link in any email, unless you are certain where it’s going to and has come from a known (to you) sender. And definitely do not open any attachment, even if it has an apparently “benign” file extension, unless you know where it is from.

The above of course is a real problem, as one point of email is the ease with which you can send files and direct friends, colleagues and customers to certain useful or relevant areas of the web using links.

The story of spam will continue to run until we find an effective way to deal with it.

My position is that education of the general public and business would be the best approach. If folks didn’t fall for the scams, they would stop happening as there would be no money in it for the scammers and spammers, and that’s what they are in it for, money.

Of course there are some folks who believe, obviously erroneously (?) that hardware and software firms are behind some of the scams using spam email to help sell their “solutions”. Or it could be me just getting cynical in my old age. An interesting thought though?