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Is manufacturing dead in the west midlands? How can the web help?

I was asked to visit an established manufacturing business the other day to advise on their marketing, web and sales strategy. The company has traded since the mid 19th century and was one of the Black Country’s most respected and well known employers.

I met with a 4th generation owner and I have to say that the attitude of the company to modern day problems was a refreshing one. Yes they had reduced the size of their workforce, yes, time were hard and yes, the far east was a major problem to them in terms of undercutting their prices.

But, and this is the main thing for me… they were not beaten, they have not given up. They have cut their cloth to suit the circumstances that they have found themselves in. Without whinging or blaming anyone, the factors that have caused a decline in their business have not been of their making and yet they have not lost heart at all.

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