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Degrees and Apprenticeships

Finally!  A revolution in today’s world of educated people coming out of universities with virtually NO work experience and more to the point, NO work ethics and understanding of how a real life work place functions. There are exceptions of course and I am glad I have been lucky recently with my new team members.

I guess we, employers, have all been there – you employ a new clever (at least on a paper) youngster only to find out they are nothing like the person described in their CV.  Although they have some technical skills, these, most of the time, do not reflect the need in the real world of business.  Moreover, their punctuality, responsibility and respect for other people’s jobs and knowledge is a lot of times non-existent.  So I have often found myself teaching these youngsters the work place basics on top of the professional training they needed for the actual job.  Some of them took it on board, adapted, grew up and stayed but a lot of them either left or were asked to leave due to their disruptive behaviour.

I am all for young people getting involved in apprenticeship schemes and learning on the job about the industry within which they want to eventually find full time jobs, all while studying for their degree.  This way, they can not only learn about what it is to work full time and have responsibilities but also learn about their own strengths and weaknesses.  Lastly, they can earn, albeit not huge salaries, but at least their pocket money.  I am sure a lot of employers would agree with me that we would even be willing to contribute to their studies if they were shaping up to be what we were looking for, in terms of human resources.

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