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Why should your website be secure?

You may notice at the top of this page that the name of the website has been highlighted in a green box.

This box, and the fact that it is green, indicates that we have installed an “SSL” into our website. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This means that the connection between your computer and our website is encrypted and secure.

You will most often notice a padlock, green or otherwise on ecommerce websites, again to indicate that the website offers a secure connection; obviously very important if you are about to put your personal or financial details into it.

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Why image sizes on a website are important..

Images on websites can make them load slower. Hurting your rankings on Google and ruining the user experiences.

We have all come across websites that seem to take ages to load, particularly ecommerce websites. It may be frustrating for humans to wait for website pages to load, but what if your website is penalised by Google for being slow?

Google has made it plain that it expects website owners and developers to ensure that their code and design load quickly. I believe it acts against websites that are slow to load by dropping them down the rankings of search results. So if there is even a chance of that happening isn’t it about time you looked at one of the main culprits of slow loading websites? Images… Here is a little test:

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Is your eCommerce site ready for the surge?

Shopping online has now become a day-to-day normality for most households and businesses whether you’re buying your groceries, gadgets or a new computer for the office it can all be found out there on the World Wide Web. Online shops saw a huge surge with Christmas sales and this demand really put some eCommerce websites and their hosting providers to the test.

Can your ecommerce website cope with the sudden rise in traffic and activity?

Is your hosting provider capable of supporting a high volume of visitors?

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Why do online shoppers buy off certain websites and not others?

With the Internet being now a major player, if not the number 1 player, in the sales of almost all types of goods and services, customers are becoming more astute and harder to please while on the other side of the spectrum businesses are trying to save when it comes to marketing.  So how do we go about balancing out this situation?
Starting with website marketing – nowadays there is no excuse for claims about not knowing whether your marketing works or not with so many monitoring tools available out there.

Businesses can obtain an amazing amount of data about their website users or/and customers.  However, such data is only valuable if it is effectively analysed and subsequently used to create and implement your next marketing campaign. Failure to recognise the value of collected data is a major shortfall of a lot of businesses when it comes to their online activities and sales.
Collated data can reveal a lot about your customers and potential buyers, their needs, wants and of course their buying habits.  The information we get from a number of website analysis tools clearly show us what really influences online shoppers.
Furthermore, there are forums, blogs and social media sites already set up to reveal any potentially useful information to all online shoppers, such as your website useability and credibility, product quality and satisfaction, customer service and delivery options and many more.

With this mind, businesses wanting to sell online need to take their website activities at least as seriously as they do their face to face selling, if not more seriously due to the speed in which information spreads across the internet should something go not quite according to plan.

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How much is your shopping cart costing you?

Have you ever searched, successfully found the product you were after on a website, popped it into the shopping cart and then eventually left the website?

This is called “cart abandonment” in the “trade”

There is some recent research that I think is very interesting. Research carried out by LivePerson. The online chat company. They have surveyed thousands of shoppers across Europe, the UK and the States.

An extract about shopping cart abandonment follows;

“Faced with a plethora of competitive website options, shoppers are becoming more demanding in their online shopping preferences. If they can’t find what they need easily or access help quickly and effectively on a website, they will go elsewhere. Customer engagement is known to increase customer spend and loyalty, and is paramount in the quest to reduce abandonment rates.

The top reasons for abandonment of online purchases:

– Unexpected delivery costs. (70%)
– Lack of information about product/service/delivery (56%)
– Navigation difficulties (46%)
– Difficulty with online customer service/support, e.g.,wanting to ask a question or not finding the answer (37%) and difficulty in getting any help on the website (30%)
– 83% admit they need some form of support during their online journey
– 51% either try once or give up immediately when seeking help before an
online purchase
– 71% expect to be able to access help when purchasing online within five minutes – 31% expect help to be immediate
– If a response is not delivered in the expected timeframe, 48% of shoppers will either go elsewhere or abandon the purchase altogether”.

Clearly then, there are multiple reasons why web visitors abandon a proposed purchase on a website.

You need to look closely at the statistics on your website and then consider carefully if your drop off rate is acceptable given the user trends highlighted by LivePerson. For more information on this research please visit

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