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Want to improve your exporting?

Internet exporting servicesExporting? The World is changing.

So, you have a nice product or service that you think the rest of the world would want to buy? You may even be exporting right now, but could you do better?

Well the time has come to tell you about a new service that Clickingmad has launched;

Targeted Internet Exporting

This service involves;

  • Research
  • Implementation
  • Promotion
  • Monitoring

Using skills honed over 17 years of trading Clickingmad can provide you with a new and exciting way to reach your next customer – anywhere on the planet (just about)

We assume that anyone who wants to trade with the UK speaks English or wants to trade in English.

That’s not the case.

If you live in a country that natively speaks another language you probably do not speak English when you go home at night or even in the Office. Why do we think that it is OK to force other nations to use our language when dealing with us?

Frankly it’s just rude. And it’s about time we stopped doing it. (In my opinion).

Most websites that are designed and built in the UK are in English. English is the third most common primary language in the world (behind Mandarin Chinese and Spanish).

Guess what, in Spain and South America, they speak forms of Spanish. In China, they speak several forms of Mandarin. In European countries they speak their own language. Surely we need to wake up and realise that as the global world is shifting politically and economically, we need to reach our markets in a much more savvy way and not just assume that the use of English is enough.

exporting servicesSpeak the right “Lingo”.

In businesses across the planet they speak their own language. Pretty obvious, right?

So why do we insist that they not only understand but are comfortable in doing business in our language?

Using the Internet we now offer a range of services that include researching your target customer – in the prospective country.

We then learn how they do business there, together with usual established methods, such as embassies, trade missions, agents and exporting services. But again delving deeper into how business is done by looking at Internet trends and usage.

The next step is to create a website that is not only in the correct language – and I don’t mean Google translate – and using terminology that is used in everyday business practices locally.

This is then hosted WITHIN THAT COUNTRY, why? Because Google knows where your website is located and as it uses location more and more as a major ranking factor it will know where your website is and provide it as a result for a relevant search, if it’s hosted in the right country, and not just any old hosting.

As Google experts and Google partners we know how it works and can make it work for you.

All you have to do is to communicate your offer in the correct way and deal with your enquiries. Simple right? So simple that it is beyond me that it has taken so long for the obvious to make sense.

Let’s not forget that pretty soon everything we have become used to in Exporting may well change.

So, if you want to export your products and services in a more targeted, connected and probably cheaper way, start thinking about how to remove the unseen barriers to trade and talk to Clickingmad about our special Targeted Internet Exporting service.

It’s the future, and it’s happening right now.

China crisis?

Apologies for the gap in my updates to the blog, I have no excuse and it is especially poor as I advocate most days on how important it is to update your website/blog. Sorry peeps.

Anyway a meeting today inspired me to write some thoughts on the state of our manufacturing industry, particularly in respect of Chinese manufacturing versus the UK. My meeting was to discuss some packaging design work and a new ecommerce website.

We all know about how vast swathes of our manufacturing capability has gone in recent years. Competitiveness (or lack of it) has seen our products become too costly to produce in a global market place. We have seen the emergence of the Chinese as a major force in their ability not just to copy existing products but also to manufacture items of (now) extremely good quality.

Traditionally this has involved selling off our machinery, often straight onto a container ship bounds for the far east, sometimes this even involved our skilled workers flying out to install and commission these machines and train Chinese staff in their use and maintenance. The downside clearly has been the loss of skills, ability to create and obviously then sell goods in the UK, and whole communities suffering economically as a direct result of job losses.

That’s the bleak picture. Today however I had a conversation with a Black Country company who has dealt with the above scenario not only well but in my, albeit limited experience, fairly uniquely.

They still manufacture here but on a much smaller scale than over the past 50 years they have traded. This family company decided to take on the Dragon not by closing and giving up. Not even by doing what a lot of companies do; design here and sub contract the manufacture in the far east. No these guys have done something which frankly astounded me, particularly given their relatively small size.

They formed a Chinese company, they bought some land (in China), they built a factory, they filled it with machinery, they recruited both UK and Chinese workers. They now design and build their globally sold industrial products in China. They spend about half of their management time there and ensure incredibly high standards of manufacture. Their products are sold into the US, UK and all over Europe.

What’s so good about this?

They still employ about 30 skilled works in the Black Country, they pay British taxes, the sell their goods INTO China! And the main thing is…. they are still in business. Unlike very sadly, many of their contemporaries in the Black Country and UK in general.

Is this a message that others should listen to? If the global manufacturing power is currently shaped as a dragon, should the manufacturers in the UK start taking the game into the mouth of that dragon and beat them at their own game? Well they might stay trading at the very least.

Comments welcome.