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Joinery Specialists, Severn Oak Joinery Ltd, support The Peter Pan Nursery

Severn Oak Joinery Ltd, Peter Pan Nursery
Helen Bickley; Fundraiser at The Peter Pan Nursery and Dan Crane; Sales Coordinator at Severn Oak Joinery Ltd.

Joinery Specialists, Severn Oak Joinery Ltd a sister company of Severn Oak Timber Frames Ltd, have announced their long term support of The Peter Pan Nursery through their new website. Severn Oak Joinery launched the website to showcase their range of bespoke joinery services, including windows and doors. The professional-looking website has been both designed and built by well established website design agency: Clickingmad Ltd, based in Shropshire.

Through Clickingmad’s latest project, Giving Websites, Severn Oak Joinery has had a brand new website designed and built and chose a local charity to donate to every month. Their new website proudly displays the Peter Pan Nursery logo to show their ongoing relationship with this charity who provide support and care for children with a wide range of disabilities.

Dan Crane, Sales Coordinator at Severn Oak Joinery and Severn Oak Timber Frames comments; ‘This is our second website with Clickingmad and when they told us about the Giving Websites project it seemed like an innovative idea. It is great that we are able to support a local charity through the website and are proud to display their logo to show that we are a corporate supporter of such a worthy cause.’

Helen Bickley, Fundraiser for The Peter Pan Nursery said; ‘We are delighted to have Severn Oak Joinery supporting us every month. We have had the chance to meet them and show them how their donations are being used. We think the Giving Websites scheme is great and having businesses to support us on a regular basis means we can build working relationships with them.’

The Giving Websites scheme is aimed to encourage businesses to regularly support their local charities and to fulfil their own Corporate Social Responsibility. Lots of companies like Severn Oak Joinery have signed up to the scheme and charities across the West Midlands are seeing the benefits of finding new regular corporate supporters.

Severn Oak Joinery’s website can be seen on www.severnoakjoinery.co.uk
Peter Pan’s Nursery website can be seen on www.thepeterpannursery.com
Giving Websites’ website can be seen on www.givingwebsites.co.uk

Freight Forwarders, N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd Support Border Collie Trust through their website.

Main Release Image- small
Ulrike Gill; Director at N Gill Exports and Imports, Ben Wilkes; Trustee at the Border Collie Trust and Reilley the Border Collie.

Freight Forwarders, N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd, have launched their brand new website this month, to give information to customers on their range of air, land and sea freight services for both importing and exporting. The professional-looking website has been both designed and built by well established website design agency: Clickingmad Ltd through their innovative Giving Websites Project.  

Based in the UK, N.Gill Exports and Imports Ltd are long established freight forwarders and wanted their new website to reflect their knowledge and experience. The Giving Websites project provided them with a new professional website and to support a charity at the same time.

Ulrike Gill, Director at N Gill Exports and Imports Ltd comments ‘We were delighted when we found out we could support a charity through our website. Being Border collie owners ourselves it was ideal that the Border Collie Trust were part of Giving Websites. We are very pleased with the website as it looks great and works well for us.’

Ben Wilkes, Trustee of Border Collie Trist GB said ‘It is always great to have a business make a donation to you but to be supported on a regular basis is even better. We would also like to thank Ulrike and N Gill for the generous donation of toys she bought with her when she came to visit us.’

The new website proudly displays the Border Collie Trust logo and shows the long term relationship that has now been created. Not only can customers see that N Gill are a well-established and trustworthy company but also that they are fulfilling their corporate social responsibility on a regular basis as well.

logo with dark backgournd
Their new website can be seen on www.ngillexportsandimports.co.uk
More information on the Border Collie Trust; www.bordercollietrustgb.org.uk
Giving Websites can be seen at www.givingwebsites.co.uk


Training Provider, Premier Training Services Ltd supports The Haven as their charity for next two years

logo with dark backgournd

Training Provider, Premier Training Services, have become part of Giving Websites, a project which helps businesses to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility on a monthly basis. Giving Websites provides companies with a brand new professional website with the option to then regularly donate to a local charity at the same time.

Premier Training Services have chosen The Haven Wolverhampton as their chosen charity and their long term relationship is proudly displayed on their website. The Haven is a small charity which focusses on practical and emotional support services to women and children who are affected by domestic abuse and homelessness.

Lesley Waller, Director at Premier Training Services comments ‘We thought Giving Websites was a fantastic idea. It is a service that we would have purchased anyway for our business but the fact that we can support such a local worthy cause at the same time is brilliant. It was also great to be able to visit The Haven, meet the team there and see how our donations could be spent.’

Jade Secker, Community Fundraising Officer of The Haven Wolverhampton said ‘We are really pleased to be part of the Giving Websites project. We want to gain more corporate supporters and this is a great service to be able to tell people about. We are very thankful to Premier Training Services for their kind donations and hope to be able to have a long term relationship with them.’

Lesley Waller; Director at Premier Training Services, Bob Waller; Director at Premier Training Services and Jade Secker; Community Fundraising Officer at The Haven Wolverhampton

Clickingmad Ltd, a well-established design agency based in Shropshire, is the brains behind the Giving Websites project. They have found a way for small to medium businesses to fulfil their CSR through a service that they would have already purchased.

Premier Training Services new website can be seen on www.premiertrainingservices.co.uk
More about The Haven Wolverhampton is on www.havenrefuge.org.uk
Giving Websites can be found on www.givingwebsites.co.uk