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Want to improve your exporting?

Exporting? The World is changing.
So, you have a nice product or service that you think the rest of the world would want to buy? You may even be exporting right now, but could you do better?

Well the time has come to tell you about a new service that Clickingmad has launched;
Targeted Internet Exporting
This service involves;


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Has your email address been sold?

You will be aware of the data losses by big companies over recent years such as T Mobile, Sony Playstation, Morrisons supermarket, Mumsnet, Talk Talk and many others.

As we get more “connected” and use our data more widely to make things easier to buy, to be “remembered” by our suppliers, personal or business, then we expose ourselves to losing control over some of our personal data.

Our email addresses are mainly “harvested” to go into spam activity. Spam has been decreasing in recent years yet it is unfortunate to still note that spam accounts for some 50% of all email received every day.

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Can’t vote in Euro In/Out referendum!

I have been ‘banging on’ about the quality of hosting for years now. When I come across a story that highlights this matter I can’t help but mention it.

Apparently, the servers that run the voter registration system on the Government’s own servers crashed last night; within 2 hours of the deadline to register.

The government has taken the rather unusual step of extending the deadline to vote, getting very close the deadline to do so to allow local authorities to check the applications in a bid to stop vote rigging etc. I’m not sure that has ever happened before, let us hope that the younger target voters respond accordingly.

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Is your eCommerce site ready for the surge?

Shopping online has now become a day-to-day normality for most households and businesses whether you’re buying your groceries, gadgets or a new computer for the office it can all be found out there on the World Wide Web. Online shops saw a huge surge with Christmas sales and this demand really put some eCommerce websites and their hosting providers to the test.

Can your ecommerce website cope with the sudden rise in traffic and activity?

Is your hosting provider capable of supporting a high volume of visitors?

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